Progetto per un campus universitario

Dalla relazione di progetto:
“Venice Laguna has always been in a very fragile balance between natural and anthropic activities.Human’s interventions have considerably changed its aspect over time but at the same time this anthropization had to deal with nature, which slowly tried to regain possession of the spaces.The project find a way to establish in Poveglia a new University Campus using the topic of the “battle” between humans and nature, the land and the sea, building a marine biology faculty in order to stimulate environmental researches, monitoring the whole Laguna area.Through the project Poveglia become a new Valle da Pesca, a big ecosystem where Laguna’s water will be monitored, a shelter to several species of animals will be provided and where people will meet each other working, studying and visiting the island: by alternating functional and public spaces we can achieve a balanced coexistence of people and wildlife.For this reason we chose to concentrate the construction in a limited area of the island, leaving most of the space to the installation of the Valle da Pesca and for natural reforestation.The project draws a hard border between the Campus and the Laguna but opens himself to the other side of the island, to the sea and the new ecosystem. The water is the most important place and material of Poveglia: people can move through it, can explore the island, can work and leave place to animals.The water is the tool for the contruction of a new Laguna’s tale.”

Programma: Campus universitario
Progetto: Giacomo Mulas, Danilo Lau
Anno: 2016