Progetto per un hotel diffuso

Dalla relazione di progetto:
The proposal could be defined as "widespread hotel” in order to support interactions between inhabitants and nature.
The first step is the identification of the border between natural and human landscape.
A new seaside walk marks this space “in between”, draws an urban front, includes an orthogonal settlement made of public and private space.
The main access to the area is a square where the lighthouse (the most important landmark) and two other public buildings (a restaurant and a conference/exhibition rooms) define the limit of the site.
The lighthouse with its singular orientation (East-South-East) will remain unique: the project allocates himself in a East-West positioning, in order to take advantage of solar and windy potential.
The way the settlement was conceived creates a close relation with the function I wanted to establish: the hotel will take place for art productions, workshops, seasonal meetings (such as summer schools) and business retreats.
In order to support this variety I designed different areas and buildings such as library, workrooms and laboratories, conference and meeting rooms, temporary exhibitions space, permanent museum (inside the lighthouse), restaurant and sport amenities. There is also an open camping above the woods for guests who prefer adventurous vacation.

Programma: Hotel
Stato: Concorso di idee
Team: Giacomo Mulas
Anno: 2016